My style

I consider myself a lifestyle/ documentary photographer! I’m inspired by and shoot primarily outdoors or within clients home! We can get glorious light outside, early mornings & before sunset!

I like to capture the mess, the calm, the unexpected, the expressions & interactions of the daily moments, with a relaxed and not posed approach.

It will be my pleasure to capture your candid moments and provide you with treasured memories, in the most natural way possible. My images show the little details, emotions & connections that make the moment unique and special.

I’m not heavy handed when it comes to retouching. The way I like to present the image is, how YOU would look on a really great day, not someone else. I want you to go, wow, I looked good that day!!!

That’s my style I guess & the simplicity of my photography!

I hope that this style speaks to you whether you’re just browsing through or trying to find a photographer to document YOUR stories!

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”- Dorothea Lange